Friday, August 15, 2008

Step 2 - Demolition

We began scraping away the "tile" which lifted off easier in some places than others. Much to our surprise the paint was applied to some sort of coating on the plaster. We're still not sure what the coating was, but it also came off with a spackle blade, so we scraped that off too. Eventually, however, we realized that the brown adhesive was not coming off, and it did not respond well to sanding (not that we'd want to be breathing that dust in anyway). Though not sure what to do at that moment, we eventually decided to drywall over the wall.

The cabinets came out a lot easier than one might think. Just a few screws. Found someone on Craigslist to take them that very day. A lot easier than hauling them off to the dump, and nice to know that someone else will get some use out of them.

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